With its low self-esteem and high urban blight, Hartford is the ultimate underdog city. Sad City Hartford documents the joys, sorrows and eccentricities of New England's Rising Star.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

We Like To Shop At The Dollar Store Shop

Hartford has lots of dollar stores. Lots and lots and lots of dollar stores. More often than not, when a new business comes to town, it seems to be a dollar store. These announcements are usually followed with the usual hand-wringing and kavetching wondering why Hartford can't get a Trader Joe's or Whole Foods.

At Sad City, when life hands us a Hartford, we try to make lemonade because in the immortal words of Rick Pitino "Trader Joe's ain't walking through that door." We bet if we stopped worrying why West Hartford gets Whole Foods and we get dollar stores (is that really a difficult question to answer?) we can find some great bargains at dollar store.

Batteries are a huge ripoff. Stock up at the dollar store.

Has someone got shot on your block lately? Putting out these religious candles is a must after a shooting. 

Frames are another item you get gouged for on the regular. 

Guys know that cards are a big waste. Smart guys know that women consider cards to be crucial and meaningful. Very smart guys know that paying $1 > paying $4.

Most of these cleaning products are the exact same as the name brand products at other stores. Sad City rates as a buy.

Is anything a bigger ripoff than Yankee Candle? Test the smell, save 99% at the dollar store. 

Candy corn is at best questionable on Halloween. After New Year's it is a definite pass.

Fake maple syrup is gross whether it costs a dollar or not. Pony up for the real stuff.

This sort of imitation cheese is also at the top of the gross food list.

Star & Stripes soda?!?!?!? Any true "Merican would get six. Make it eight in case of an impromptu party. Need to keep stocked up you guys.

Remember CDs? Remember how great Guns N Roses was? Remember waiting over ten years for this album? It's not worth a dollar.

No successful trip to the dollar store is complete without a checkout line candy bar and pregnancy test. 


  1. making a gigantic prop for a party in hartford in february...got everything at the dollar store...yes!

  2. The Dollar Store and Ocean State Job Lot are the best places to get cleaning products!

    Also, there's this:

  3. Best post ever on SSH.

  4. they should give away the GNR CD. Ugh.

  5. Having temporarily worked at that specific Dollar Tree, I can say that it's incredibly depressing. Dollar stores can be useful to a lot of people (especially teachers in search of cheap supplies), but a lot of regular customers strike me as hoarders-in-the-making buying items more for value than the actual item.

  6. LMAO "these candles are a must after a shooting"

  7. This is quality, quality reporting right here. Great job SSH.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. West Hartford has two Whole Foods actually... each within a two-minute drive of the other.

  10. ill buy that for a dollar!

  11. "LMAO 'these candles are a must after a shooting'"

    This is a really cruel posting, and sickeningly cruel follow up comment.

    I've lived in Hartford for 30 years, raised my kids here, and have been horrified to see the children of Hartford (and of my block) murdered year after year. (and yes, poor people have poor memorials)

    It's not a joke and we're not laughing our asses off.

  12. There's no need to be mean. Everything being done here is a fruit of labor, so be serious.

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