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Friday, February 15, 2013

Hartford Pic Of The Week: Price Gouging

Admidst the endless hang-wringing about snow removal, which replaced guns as everyone's most passionate cause de jour on the internet, the concept of price gouging was forgotten in the latest storm. Some fine Hartford entrpreneurs, located on the corner of Farmington and Evergreen took advantage of the situation and raised there gas prices accordingly last Thursday. While most station charged $3.89 for a gallon of regular, this fine Hartford business charged a robust $4.39. Fair play in a supply and demand market or unethical?


  1. That's special not regular - the regular pump is 3.99 cash

  2. They're preying on illiteracy... although you can't even pump special at that pump

  3. That place is always absurd. Plus they markup for credit/debit card use.

  4. Supply and demand. You wanted, or enough people, were willing to pay that price at that location for fuel. We complain about government getting all up in our business, but then we moan and cry when the greedy businesses charge a price supported by the market.

  5. Interesting where they physically place the pumps for the different grades of gasoline. Usually they are placed on Octane order so people grab the one farthest to the left which is usually the cheapest. This place puts the cheapest in the middle and a more expensive option on the outside. Tricky.

    1. it's like that at gas stations placed near the city limits so when you leave to go to your cushy suburbs(West Hartford, Farmington, ETC.) you rarely look at the prices. Got a friend who was duped into paying more because she hadn't looked at the pump itself.

  6. Eileen Yourell is a child molester!!!