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Monday, August 9, 2010

Hartford Pay Phone Contest: Pay Phone #7

While wandering Farmington Ave Saturday afternoon we remembered we still have a bunch of mud and filth soaked clothes in a plastic bag from our urban kayaking adventure and decided to check out some industrial strength washing machines. Imagine our excitement when we came across Pay Phone #7 in the Wash Tub Laundry located next to Tisane. We can report a clean environment and a working pay phone. The danger is this is one of the hardest areas to figure out where and how to park. Is it ok if we park next to Tisane if we are using the laundromat? Can we park next to the laundromat if we are going into Tisane? Why does that short fat tow-truck driver kid patrolling the parking lot across the street think he is a police officer? Can I park at Ichiban if I am going to Monte Alban? How guilty will I feel if the owner of the Ethiopian restaurant watches me walk down the path towards his place and then I turn left to Monte Alban? Is Venice Pizza simply just a front business? It's all too much for us too handle.

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  1. Great post, enjoying the pay phone series!