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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Kitchen Fire at Vito's By The Park

What does a kitchen fire look like in Downtown Hartford on a Friday night? Our intrepid cameras were on the seen to capture it all. Firefighters rushed to the seen of a kitchen fire in Dowtown Hartford last night at 7:15 last night. The fire started in the kitchen of Vito's By The Park on Tumble Street née Trumble. 

At the scene of the incident, there was lots of confusion and people wandering around. One grumpy waitress tried to shoo the Sad City Hartford "reporters" away. The exceptionally mediocre restaurant was unharmed in the incident and within an hour after the HFD's appearance, it was back to business as usual.

(Editor's Note: What? You were expecting more details from us? We prefer to leave real news coverage to real city reporters like Helen Ubiñas, Steve Goode and Jenna Carlesso. They've been doing some really great work with their coverage of the whole "Hector Robles thing.") 

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