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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Everyone loves candy. It's one of the highlights of life as a child and long after most other guilty pleasures have reached the stage of inappropriate, candy remains an acceptable vice.Who doesn't love popping open one of those movie size boxes of Rainbow Nerds and pouring as many as possible into your mouth?

On Halloween there is nothing more satisfying than a great trick-or-treat stop. That said, there is little more frustrating than a bad trick-or-treat stop. With a nod to out most macabre holiday, Sad City looks at Halloween candies.

Nothing beats the full size candy bar on Halloween. It hardly even matters what kind of candy is being given out. Immediately trick-or-treaters will have a great fondness for the full-size candy giver. Usually these good-natured souls are the friendly older couple whose kids are grown. They have just guaranteed that their house won't be getting egged.

The unguarded bowl is Halloweens version of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Oft accompanied by a sign stating "Happy Halloween! Take two please," even the tamest of trick-or-treaters will take 3 or 4. The more daring will take the majority or just clear the bowl out.

It's always a real disappointment being beaten to the bounty and coming across an already cleared out bowl. If we ever moved to the suburbs,  a good night of entertainment could be had by setting up the unguarded bowl with a webcam on the porch. Usually put out by single people or the introverted older couple that doesn't want to deal with the kids.

 Why are Halloween SweeTarts smaller than the regular SweeTarts? They just don't seem to be as good. It doesn't make any sense. We won't even dignify chewy SweeTarts.

The ultimate F.U. on Halloween. No trick-or-treater is pleased to get the dreaded red box of Sunmaid Raisins on Halloween. Almost always dispensed by a female upwards of 50, raisins are well intended but completely miss the mark for Halloween. Listen lady, if we wanted raisins they are right in the cupboard at home.

The standard fare. The vast majority of houses will supply this.  There has to be at least a dozen candies that only are produced from sales on these Halloween mid-size candies. Is anyone purchasing Dots, Mr. Goodbar, Mounds, Rolo, or Skor at any other time of the year?

We're huge fans of those rare vanilla flavored Tootsie Rolls.

Possibly the most under represented candy on Halloween is the Sour Patch Kids. Just look at those suckers. They are practically glowing. They don't look fit for human consumption. Yet they are great. Wash them down with some Mountain Dew and now we can eat AND drink things that don't look fit for human consumption!

Yo, nice try lady! Those are still raisins!

                                               Happy Halloween!


  1. Sour Patch Kids and Reeses Pieces are my favorites, along with Swedish Fish and Peanut M&M's

  2. the ultimate Halloween FU "candy" are Scarrots. small bags of baby carrots. http://twitpic.com/32d0wt

  3. Hey! Glad Sad City is back!!!!!

  4. Can't stand the teenage trick-or-treaters who push aside the little kids and grab a handful of candy...especially when they show up with a plastic shopping bag from the store on the corner and no costume on.

  5. This is going to sound gross, but stay with me. Sour patch kids on vanilla soft serve ice cream is simply delicious. The saltiness of the candy enhances the flavor of the ice cream then the frutiness of the candy adds a whole other layer to the ice cream.

  6. my son came back with a couple of full sized bars. he's 7. he called it the "bonus house". we got about 50 kids this year. about average for us. I live in Newington in a nice neighborhood with little traffic. We often get a lot of very nice New Britain families who drive over to our neighborhood but didn't get that many this year. I loved my trick-or-treating days so I make sure we buy good candy. None of that two candies to a wrapper crap. PS - glad to see that SSH is still up and running.

  7. Thank you for coming back.