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Thursday, November 8, 2012

What To Do? Music at J.Rene Coffee

Sad City has been drinking J.Rene Coffee exclusively for a couple years now and well, if you're serious about coffee, this is where you should be drinking it too. While J.Rene has been roasting up the best coffee in the area for awhile, Jose Rene Martinez, the esteemed owner and roasting maestro, has taken a quantum leap forward and has opened hands down the best coffee shop in the area.

 Don't believe us?  Fair enough, we aren't coffee experts, but we know it's good. If you like coffee, check out J.Rene's for yourself.

Located at 320 Park Rd in West Hartford, J.Rene's offers superb coffee in a great atmosphere. One of the popular attractions at J.Rene's is live music on Friday nights. Tonight the shop is featuring InfiniTango, a band that alone has an interesting enough look and name to make us want to check them out. Eagle-eyed Sad City readers will also note the bands promo shots were taken in Hartford City Hall.

So what is InfiniTango?   According to the band's website;

"InfiniTango's performances combine the essence of Argentine and International Tango and other Latin styles - the pulse, the sorrow and its emotional intensity together with the musicians’ personal expressions. This dynamic ensemble has created a bright and unique repertoire equally suited for the dance hall, the concert stage or your special event. While evoking an unforgettable Latin sentiment with classics from “Golden Age”, they also create new, innovative works with a timeless sense of beauty. InfiniTango plays the music with a deep understanding of tradition as well as an obsessive desire to evolve the art form to new levels." 

Sounds pretty exciting to us. So there you have it, you're Friday night is booked. InfiniTango at J.Rene Coffee Roasters. Let's face it, that won't even be the whole night, after a set of InfiniTango and a couple J.Rene coffees you're going to be feeling like Steve Tyler circa 1977 and be ready to paint the town red all night.

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