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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Barber Brings Bling to Hartford

A lot of time our friends will tell us "you have to try this fancy new barber in (Downtown/West Hartford)." Our reply is always the same, thanks but we're all set in that department. For about four years MC's Barbershop on Franklin Ave has been the official barber of Sad City.

Over the last year, MC has been telling us about being entering haircutting competitions and by the look of things, MC has been bringing some impressive hardware back to Hartford. With first place finishes in regional competitions, MC recently entered a large international competition in New York and finished in second place. The competition was also filmed as part of an upcoming documentary on barber competitions which we look forward to seeing MC in. We will keep you posted on details about the film as it gets close to release.

For now you'll just have to be content to take a ride out to 617 Franklin Ave to check out the trophies and get the best haircut in town.

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