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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Local Business: Hartford Bicycle

While there's nothing new about the bicycle, Hartford Bicycle offers a unique take on the century old mode of transportation. With rising concerns over fuel costs and carbon footprints, bicycles are experience a renaissance in U.S. cities. Hartford Bicycle, located downtown at 75 Pratt St, meshes bicycling, art, and craftsmanship in restoring and customizing bicycles. Headed by Patrick Connolly, the seed for Hartford Bicycle was planted when Connolly was living in Boston (as seemingly all interesting Hartfordites do in their early 20's) when he started customizing his own bikes.

His work became more elaborate and soon enough he was working on others bikes. Today, Hartford Bicycle hires artists to paint bikes in their own visions. Look for Hartford Bicycle at the upcoming Envision Fest on September 29 in Bushnell Park near Vito's On The Park. Hartford Bicycle will have an artist designing a bike at the festival.

Also keep on the lookout for an upcoming grand opening at their new Arch St location in August.

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  1. I love it! We are so grateful that you guys are here. I need to bring my bike back in for some more tender loving care. Call you later today my friends, CHEERS!

    Kerry Lucier
    Aruna Chocolates