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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Two Years Of Sad City & WCCC

Some might say that Sad City has become to Hartford blogs what WCCC is to Hartford rock stations. It's only naturally that we would team up at some point, what is surprising is how fast it happened. WCCC night jock Craig The Porn Star discovered Sad City on Facebook when we had "something like 30-35 fans." Craig suggested we should call in and that if it went well, maybe we could do it on a regular basis. Two year and close to 100 appearances later, Sad City can still be heard at about 9:20-9:30 Wednesday nights on Craig's show which airs Monday to Friday 7PM to midnight.

To celebrate our two years with Craig and WCCC, we present some of our more memorable appearances and in doing so, give you a great way to fritter away your work Monday. Let us know if the comments, which appearance is your favorite?

Our first appearance

The first time we tried urban kayaking

We discuss old Hartford porn shops

We discuss old Whaler stories

We discuss lunch

We discuss mattresses

We discuss traffic

We discuss the October storm

We discuss awkward bathrooms. 

We discuss 80's celebs

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