With its low self-esteem and high urban blight, Hartford is the ultimate underdog city. Sad City Hartford documents the joys, sorrows and eccentricities of New England's Rising Star.

Friday, December 31, 2010

The Blizzard of 2010

Some pictures from last week's blizzard sent by Sad City readers to close out 2010.

Taken from a West End Apartment building on Woodland Street.

A downed tree on Oxford Street

Cleaned Up

It's not a mattress, but it's pretty funny


  1. is the wood still there?

  2. #1 - your site is terrific; it's about time Hartford got a lively buzz about it by those who are actually party of the city and know it from the inside out.

    #2 - my site is often centered around the same region, as I'm a Glastonbury native. I live in NY but have recently realized that I'm pretty home sick for New England, and have a damn ball at dance parties on Pratt and Asylum every time I visit. it's a good feeling to read your posts while I'm all the way down here.

    here's to the capital, keep it up!

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