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Monday, December 6, 2010

What's Wrong With This Story?

Hilda Munoz of the Hartford Courant brings us this story describing the  Hartford Police investigating mostly garden variety street crime. We've got a 3:15 am mugging and a 1 am robbery, more or less another weekend in almost any fine city across the nation. It's the last snippet of the story that piqued our interest;

"The purse snatching occurred Saturday around 6:02 p.m. The victim told police she was walking near Beacon Street and Capitol Avenue when the suspect came up from behind.
He demanded her Dolce & Gabbana purse, which contained $1,800, and then forcefully took it from her, police said. He then fled south on Beacon Street."

Now why on Earth would anyone be walking around city streets after dark with $1800 in a Dolce & Gabbana purse? Was the neon sign saying "cash on hand" not available? Who is walking around with $1800 cash these days? Sad City needs a little more of the why in this story.

So far we have come up with two plausible explanations. The victim is (a) up to some suspicious activity, or (b) a moronic West Hartford suburbanite lacking in any street sense whatsoever.

Cast your vote in comments for either A or B!


  1. A. Like a WeHa resident carries cash.

  2. Tough call. That's not a real D&G type neighborhood, but she could have been visiting someone. Occam's Razor says A.

    Aren't victims ID's in police reports? Maybe you could do some reporting here....

  3. seems like a little from column A and B. Perhaps someone looking to make a huge transaction before an epic party without enough street smarts to not make themselves look like a walking target.

  4. I'm guessing she forgot to include the decimal point = $18.00

  5. C. Spillover from Real Art Ways.