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Friday, January 28, 2011

"Hot In Hartford'" McEnroe v. McCauley

The first round of voting in the "Hot In Hartford" contest is now open. Our first match up pits two local stars and Sad City friends whose last names have the always confusing "capital letter-lowercase letter-capital letter" thing going on.

J.Stan McCauley is running for the office of Hartford Mayor in 2011. McCauley also ran for Mayor in 2007. Those who watch public television have certainly seen J.Stan in his many television appearances. McCauley is also the C.O.O. of AccessTV.org. McCauley recently gave an interview to Sad City and while some may see him as a dark horse candidate to win the Mayor's Office, you have to like a candidate who puts his phone number in the comments section of a blog!

Colin McEnroe has long been a fixture in the Hartford scene. His blog "To Wit" has won the Hartford Advocate's "Best Of" Blog both years the category has existed and looks to be a strong candidate for a three-peat. (Though he faces a new upstart challenger). Colin also hosts The Colin McEnroe Show on WNPR from 1PM-2PM weekdays which Hakaan has appeared on.

Voting ends 12AM Monday.


  1. I like Colin, he would get my vote if it was McEnroe v. Anyone Else. But a man running for Mayor that won't vote for himself would give one pause.

    J. Stan McCauley

  2. I'm not voting for myself either. I'm quite fond of Stan. I have mixed feelings about trying to win.


  3. Seriously? Your definition of "hot" obviously diverges from others.

    Ah, well. To each his own.

  4. D. Alfred...while you are at it might as well get yourself a dictionary.