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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Introducing Who Is "Hot In Hartford?"

Sad City would like to introduce the first ever  "Hot In Hartford" poll. We have selected 16 of the most visible Hartford personalities and the winner will be selected from the readers vote. The candidates will match up bracket style with the winners advancing until only one is left standing. The winner will gain automatic entry into our upcoming Hartford's All-Time Most Famous resident tournament. We will start the voting with our first battle later this week, first let's meet the contenders.

Also don't forget to vote Sad City Hartford for Best Local Blog, Best Twitterer and Best Hyperlocal News Site in The Hartford Advocate's 2011 Best Of Poll

Pedro Segarra: Mayor of Hartford

Colin McEnroe: WNPR radio host, Blogger "To Wit"

Craig The Porn Star: WCCC radio host

Al Terzi: Local news anchor 

COCAiNE JAiNE: Local Twitterer

Luis Cotto: Hartford Councilman

Chuckles: Hartford resident and Sad City legend

Howard Baldwin: Local businessman, Founder Whalers Sports & Entertainment

Stan McCauley: Mayoral candidate, COO AccessTv.org

Helen Ubinas: Hartford Courant columnist, Blogger "Notes From Hel"

Pucky Ackbar: Connecticut Whale mascot

Scott Haney: TV Weatherman

Gerry Brooks: Local news anchor, Blogger "The Brooks File"

Ed Sawyer: Business owner, entrepreneur, philanthropist, Facebook star

Jenna Carlesso: Hartford Courant columnist, Blogger "Cityline"

Reverend Henry Brown: Local activist, Anti-Violence rally organizer


  1. Wait.... what about the new meteorologist Rachel Frank from Fox 61? It seems like she's taking the city by 'storm.' No pun intended. She deserves a Wild Card spot!

  2. My votes:

    1. Helen Ubinas: Hottest "real"person on the list and power-tweeter

    2. Colin McEnroe: second only to Olbermann when it comes to breath control while speaking extemporaneously.

    3. Scott Haney: role model for professional gays everywhere.

  3. I'm a fan of Rachel Frank, I second that motion, now that I am boycotting WTNH's evening newscasts for screwing over Geoff Fox after 26 years.

    BTW you need to replace the local tweeter or give a valid link, tried to follow her and it says she doesn't exist :)

  4. @heather...link worked for me. Maybe it's because I am already following her? Here is her tweet name @COCAiNEJAiNE

  5. Helen Ubinas FTW.

  6. Thank you. Until today, I thought Gerry Brooks was a girl.

  7. I predict it will come down to Craig the Pornstar and Scot Haney. They will then compete in an erotic nude wrestling match to decide the ultimate champion.

  8. Hey Jeff Lebowski...
    Scot Haney is a professional gay? As opposed to an amateur gay?

  9. The March Madness concept will make for an excellent competition but my top three in no particular order are Segarra, McEnroe, and Ubiñas. I'll be happy if I beat out Stan McCauley. ~Luis

    w'sup Stan!! Bring it!! :-)

  10. colin mcenroe is fucking clueless, why is this man on any list? makes our city seem pretty lame just seeing him on there.

  11. Well . . . This is going to be fun! I'll take the red corner Luis ;-)

  12. @Anonymous

    Scott Haney is most assuredly a professional at being gay. But he's also a great meteorologist.