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Monday, January 31, 2011

Hot In Hartford: Segarra v. Terzi

The second match up of the first round of "Hot In Hartford" features legendary and ageless news anchor Al Terzi pitted against Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra.

While Terzi has been on the Hartford scene seemingly forever, the Mayor only recently become a higher profile figure when he ascended to the Mayor's Office after the Eddie Perez scandal.

While many have pegged the Mayor as one of the leading candidates to win the title of "Hot In Hartford," one can't underestimate Terzi's longevity and visibility that comes from bringing the news into people's homes every night for years. Time to put it to a vote; who will join Colin McEnroe in Round 2 of "Hot In Hartford?"

Voting will end 11:59PM Tuesday night.


  1. Didnt Terzi hit on Peckenpaugh a few years age?

  2. If he did, he's earned my vote!

  3. Saw Terzi pull up to Mortons SteakHouse in brand new Jag...dudes a pimp.

  4. Don't know if he's a pimp, but i was recently was told he lost a son a year ago and does nothing for his grandkids and now their on state assistance!!! He should think about selling his jag and buying his daughter-in-law and grandkids food!!!

  5. oh, so he is eating steak and we are paying for his grandkids to eat. let's each send a dollar to channel 3 for the poor kids...its not their fault!