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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Killer Icicles

The crazy winter has brought lots of great sites this season but the sheer size of these South End icicles still stunned us. We would estimate the left icicle to be about 12 feet long. The top is estimated at about a foot across. Would this icicle fully bury itself in the ground if it fell? Would it split someone in two if it fell on someone? Would it be over a gallon water if melted? See some bigger pics after the jump along with a cool downtown ice shot spotted by a bright eyed fan.


  1. We had some pretty disgustingly long icicles hanging off of the back of our House (also South End). To the point where, I hung myself out the second story window to knockdown 15 foot icicles. I should have taken pictures and sent them in.

  2. I went to the boat show and they weren't allowing people to use the front entrance because of falling snow & ice. I figured that they were being overly cautious until a giant snow bomb landed on the sidewalk. The world is dangerous.