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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hot in Hartford: Gerry Brooks vs. Ed Sawyer

For our final first round Hot in Hartford challenge, we have a very special match up. We pit longtime news celebrity and Schlitz-drinking Sad City Hartford reader, Gerry Brooks, against Ed Sawyer, the most fascinating man on Facebook.

What can you say about Gerry Brooks? Back in the day, the guy sported porn mustaches and was a friend-of-a-friend of Oprah Winfrey. These days, Gerry does the anchoring thing on NBC 30 and he publishes The Brooks File blog. Sadly, Gerry shaved his awesome 'stache.

Ed Sawyer is pure awesome and pure insane. He somehow bounces around the world and makes money recruiting or spamming or social networking or something. We're really not clear on that one. Ed also frequently threatens legal action against the MetroHartford Alliance, English schools in the Czech Republic and Sad City Hartford.

The good news is that Ed's coming back to Hartford and he's focusing on philanthropic activities. He hosts a weekly WebEx meeting to talk about his various enterprises. Last week, three people joined the meeting - Ed, Jumper and Hakaan. (And Hakaan and Jumper were both connecting from Jumper's house.) He's also looking for people to join his charitable bowling team. Read the attached PowerPoint if you want some background on that venture.

So who's it going to be? Who will move forward to compete in the next round of Hot in Hartford? Let the voting begin. (And for the record, Jumper will vote as many times as he possibly can to vote for Ed Sawyer because Ed Sawyer is that fascinating. Sorry, Gerry.)


  1. Damn, that was a fine head of hair. I thought it would never leave. Alas...

  2. Ed's the one on the left, correct? Has anyone seen gerry recently? Anybody else have HD TV?

  3. Oh shit! I thought I was the one on the left. (memo to self: need new glasses.)

    BWP, that magnificent mustache just withered away to a wisp.

    And Jumper, if Ed is THAT fascinating, I'll vote for him too.

  4. the mustache AND a paisley ascot!!!