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Monday, February 14, 2011

Hot In Hartford Valentine's Day Edition: Jenna Carlesso v. COCAiNE JANiE

For our Valentine's Day edition of Hot In Hartford we bring you a battle of two of the contests femme fatales; Hartford Courant and Cityline writer Jenna Carlesso and prolific Twitter'er COCAiNE JANiE.

COCAiNE JANiE can be found on Twitter @COCAiNE JANiE. She Tweets often and her subject matter is wide and varied. Her favorite topics are music and her boyfriend Mr. Sneaker King.

Jenna Carlesso joined the Hartford Courant in October of 2009 hired to the "breaking news squad." Ms. Carlesso covers Hartford, and along with Steve Goode, writes the Courant's Hartford blog, Cityline. She has also been known to do outstanding stories on local bloggers. Plus she's pretty hot.

Who will prevail in the Valentine's Day edition of Hot in Hartford? Voting ends at 11:59 Tuesday.

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