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Friday, February 11, 2011

Hot In Hartford: Cotto v. Haney

We move onto the next round of Hot In Hartford with a match of City Councilman Luis Cotto taking on Channel 3 News anchor Scott Haney.

Cotto, the Council Minority Leader, is one of the most visible council members. Councilman Cotto is very active Council members and a very visible member of Hartford's Puerto Rican community.

Recently Mr. Cotto has been trying to draft a Sad City induced ordinance that would ban the sale of drug dilutants in gas station. Check out Sad City's interview with Mr. Cotto here.

Scott Haney carries on a Hartford tradition of suave well dressed Channel 3 weatherman perfected by the legendary Hilton Kaderli. You can follow Mr. Haney's community activities here. Scott has been names the Best New Personality in Connecticut by the Hartford Advocate for 10 consecutive years.

Voting ends when your weekend ends; 11:59 PM Sunday evening.


  1. Ugh People actually think Cotto is hot? Fat faced dumpling boy with greasy hair, ugly tee shirts and stupid hats

  2. I take offense at this! My tee shirts kick ass!!

  3. ooh... I thought of a better one: "I resemble that remark!"