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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hot In Hartford: Chuckles v. Reverend Brown

The Hot In Hartford contest moves to the second half of the first round. So far advancing to the quarterfinals are; Mayor Pedro Segarra, Colin McEnroe, Craig The Porn Star, and Howard Baldwin. Today's match pits two local combatants that were amongst the earliest to appear on Sad City's YouTube channel.

Those familiar with Sad City are no doubt familiar with the Sad City legend Chuckles. Renowned for his story telling ability and ironic catch phrases such as "long story short," Chuckles is a true Hartford original. As one of the earliest and most often to appear on Sad City, one can only wonder how many appearances he might have accrued if it were not for a late summer and fall "state vacation."

We first met Reverend Brown on one of our earliest Sad City excursions; an anti-violence rally on Mather Street. For those who don't remember the days before the permafrost covered Hartford, we used to have something called summer where not only was the ground visible, but temperatures could even make a man sweat, and wow can Reverend Brown sweat. Reverend Brown is known for his presence in the North End and organizing anti-violence rallies in the area. While Chuckles is known for his humorous story telling, Reverend Brown employs fiery, passionate oratories to make his point.

Check out these clips of one of each of their most memorable performances.

Voting will end at 11:59 Thursday night.

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  1. I really like Reverand Brown's Speech...Hartford must stop the violence!