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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Hot In Hartford" Hell In A Cell: Craig Vs. Pucky

The  third battle in the "Hot In Hartford" contest is the much anticipated steel cage brawl featuring Craig The Porn Star pitted against CT Whale mascot Pucky Ackbar. This match is not without controversy as Pucky was attacked during Saturday nights Whale game and some have speculated that a "Hot In Hartford" contestant like Craig may have sent the henchman in order to knock Pucky out of the running.

Who will join Colin McEnroe and Mayor Pedro Segarra in the quarterfinals of "Hot In Hartford?"

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Craig The Porn Star is a long time Sad City friend and weeknight host on Connecticut's undisputed champion of rock stations 106.9 WCCC. Sad City and Craig have long met up on Wednesday nights on Craig's show to discuss happenings in Hartford. Craig has expressed multiple times his desire to be Gayle King to Sad City.

Pucky Ackbar is new to the Hartford scene as the mascot to the Connecticut Whale. Pucky calls the XL Center home and has taken the Hartford scene by storm. Pucky has been in the center of controversy later as he was the victim of an assault at the hockey game on Saturday. Some have posited that Craig may have sent one of his goons on the attack in order to advance in the "Hot In Hartford" contest. Pucky is an alien to not only Hartford, but to the planet Earth. As a Mon Calamari, Pucky is a descendant of the famous Admiral Ackbar, who lead an assault on the Death Star. Pucky plans to advance as he feels he has lured Craig into a trap by getting him into the Hell In A Cell Match.

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  1. My child cried when we tried to take a pic with him and that deformed whale.