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Friday, February 4, 2011

Spiff Up Your Hartford Home

Well here is a kewl idea for Hartford home owners. We here at Sad City are believers in the "broken windows" theory and here we see a great example of the city doing something about it;

The City of Hartford’s PORCHES Program provides financing to homeowners who wish to improve the front facades of their one to six-family residential structures.  0% interest loans are available to perform repairs and improvements, including fencing, sidewalks, driveways, windows, landscaping, front doors, hand railings, front stairs, and of course, front porches.  Such repairs will improve the physical appearance of our homes, streets and neighborhoods.  These improvements help retain and enhance property values to the benefit of you and your neighbors. 

For more information on the PORCHES program, contact:
Julianne Lugo, Senior Project Manager
City of Hartford, Housing and Property Management Division

For free assistance in selecting appropriate designs and making preservation choices, contact:
Hartford Preservation Alliance
56 Arbor Street
Hartford, Connecticut 06106


  1. sad city--I emailed Julianne Lugo re the Porches program and have not heard back. Also I've done Google search and can't find anything about this program. does it really exist? where did you hear about it? I'm a long time Hartford homeowner and need help--thanks!

  2. @anon - email Hakaan @ hakaanloob@gmail.com