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Monday, February 28, 2011

Catching Up With The Hartford Denim Co.

We first visited the guys at the Hartford Denim Company back in November. Since then they have gotten a good deal of attention for their locally produced and guaranteed for life jeans. We couldn't be more pleased to have a group of young creative people creating a great and unique product right in town.

Apart from seeing the guys around town socially here and there we hadn't really had a chance to talk and see what's been going on over at the shop on Pratt Street. So we dropped them an email and got an update on the doings and let us tell you, these guys do not disappoint.

Having worked at a breakneck pace since opening the shop in June, the guys are headed down to Nicaragua from March 1 to March 25 to help with a reforestation project. They will also be bringing ten pairs of jeans with them to give to local farmers. They plan on documenting the jeans lives as they make the trip to help the reforestation project an annual event. These guys guarantee their jeans for life and this should be a great way to highlight their durability.

Jean appointments a the shop on Pratt Street can still be made through March by emailing HartfordDenim@gmail.com. The guys hope to have access to the intenet internet in mid-March and if so, may be sending Sad City updates on their trip. Until then check out some of the video interviews they have done recently.

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