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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hot In Hartford: Colin McEnroe v. Reverend Brown

The "Hot In Hartford" quarterfinals continue with a match that many experts are predicting will end in a landslide. The match pits Colin McEnroe, Sad City friend, champion blogger, and WNPR host against Reverend Brown; reverend and anti-violence rally organizer known for his sweaty t-shirts, megaphone, and fiery rhetoric.  
Mr. McEnroe advanced in the first round by defeating Mayoral candidate J.Stan McCauley in a quite civil match that saw both competitors complementing each other in the Sad City comments section. Interestingly enough, it appears that Hartford athletic hero Marlin Starlin is now endorsing Mr. McCauley for Mayor.

Mr. McEnroe received the most votes of any "Hot In Hartford" competitor in the first round and, emboldened by his recent appearance on the cover of Hartford Magazine, Mr. McEnroe's producer Patrick Skahill issued an open challenge to Sad City legend Chuckles for a second round battle. Alas, the battle was not to be as Reverend Brown scored a close upset victory over Chuckles in the first round and now finds himself matched up against the Hartford media titan. While the experts predict a landslide victory for the top seed Mr. McEnroe; can Reverend Brown's fiery delivery rouse his parishioners and muster the support needed to score the upset? 

Voting will conclude at 11:50 PM EST Wednesday.

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