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Friday, March 4, 2011

Hot In Hartford: Luis Cotto v. Gerry Brooks

The quarterfinals of Hot In Hartford continues with a battle between two friends of Sad City, Councilman Luis Cotto pitted against newsman Gerry Brooks.

Councilman Cotto had an impressive showing in the first round handily defeating weatherman Scott Haney  and piling up the second most votes of all contenders. The Councilman first came to Sad City's attention when he noticed our stories on lactose powder being sold in local gas stations and took action to ban the practice.  Cotto is also an active Twitter user and can be followed @CouncilorCotto on Twitter.

Longtime Hartford newsman Gerry Brooks defeated "The Most Fascinating Man On Facebook" Ed Sawyer in the first round. Gerry hosted a popular segment "The Brooks File" on WFSB when we were growing up and today works for NBC news. While Gerry won by a narrow margin against the upstart Ed, perhaps he can ride the wave up his popular Sad City interview and win a spot in the semi-finals.

Voting Ends with your weekend at 11:59 EST Sunday.


  1. Does Gerry live in Hartford????

  2. Did Gerry every wear a soul patch? It would make a difference in my vote.

  3. I like that Luis likes Jazz. He gets my vote