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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hot In Hartford Semi-Finals: Colin McEnroe v. Jenna Carlesso

The "Hot In Hartford" contest reaches the semi-final round with a clash between two Sad City friends; WNPR's Colin McEnroe and the Hartford Courant's Jenna Carlesso. Jenna has advanced in the tournament by defeating local Twitter'er Cocaine Janie and WCCC's Craig The Porn Star. The only female to advance to the second round, Jenna has had an impressive showing so far but now faces a daunting task in challenging Colin McEnroe.

Colin has defeated Mayoral candidate J.Stan McCauley and Reverend Brown by impressive margins in the first two rounds. While Colin has enjoyed great success in the "Hot In Hartford" contest, his other luck has not been so sterling recently. From his excellent blog "To Wit" we learned that last week Colin came down with the flu and the previous week he fell and tore his rotator cuff.  Perhaps this unfortunate injury was incurred while he was hitting the Hartford streets for material for his blog? (We wish Colin well and a speedy recovery).

Which one of these Sad City friends will advance to the final round of Hot In Hartford? Voting will end 11: 59 EST Wednesday.


  1. Wait, what's the criteria? From the name I thought it was attractiveness. McEnroe just said on his show it was a measure of influence. Now I'm confused. Do I vote for the Hottie or the Haughty?

  2. I listen to the Colin McEnroe show every day on the way home for lunch, and I've always found it entertaining.

    It would be tempting to vote for CM, but I've contacted him twice (one of those times via facebook messaging) about a campaign I launched to generate more awareness of what military families (the real ones, not the families you see on "Army Wives") have undergone - and continue to undergo - as we enter our 10th year of war, but I never received a response.

    I know his program is his program and that he has every right to refuse any story, but as the wife of a soldier who has deployed twice (and will deploy again), and who is working very hard to encourage deeper understanding of the many military families across the country who have gone through difficulties I can't even imagine, I have the right to be icked out at the thought of him refusing THIS particular story.

    (If, in fact, he did refuse it. If my message didn't simply get lost in the hundreds of messages he must receive every day.)

    Aside from all of that, Jenna Carlesso is an excellent writer and an even better reporter who tries her hardest to dig for the stories that mean something to the residents of the city she writes about. Needless to say, who to vote for is one of the easier decisions I've made today.

  3. McEnroe is a DBAG! if he wins this overall race i will lose faith in the readers of SAD CITY and Hartford

  4. Kristen, could you write to me at Colin@wnpr.org?
    You're right about too much FB traffic. Sounds like a great idea for a show.