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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beyond Thunderdome: The I-91 Overpass

Anyone who has drove I-91 has seen it; undoubtedly many have looked in wonderment at it.  The winding concrete structures connected by the caged walkway over Interstate 91 have surely bewildered many drivers over the years.  From the east the concrete rises from a walking area on the shores of the Connecticut River. From the west the concrete maze  rises from a desolate parking lot seemingly only used when Cirque du Soleil is in town. An empty concrete pedestrian walkway over I-91? Count Sad City in.

This wasn't the first time we ventured to the overpass.  Late last summer Hakaan attempted a solo crossing but was spooked by a small animal.  This time we would not be daunted.  As we approached we noticed that the underbelly of the concrete beast was littered with empty alcohol containers and graffiti.  On the way up we decided to climb the winding handicap ramp rather than the staircase that run throughs the middle of the structure.

The inside of the structure is surreal, like something out of a sci-fi movie.  It would make a great place for a paintball fight.  As one ascends the structure it provides a great view of downton and the Connecticut River.  Once at the top, the cage over the walkway really gives off a Beyond Thunderdome vibe. It feels like some type of armored mutant should appear from the other side ready for battle.

 Once on the ground of the other side we were on the banks of the flooded Connecticut River; it was the same as the other side, the bottom part being littered with bottles and graffiti.

After amusing ourselves by trying to decipher the graffiti we made our way back over the highway. An interesting trip through a structure we have long been curious of.  Having driven I-91 countless times, we can now finally say we walked over it.


  1. Is there a way to contact you in a less public forum?

  2. Who run Bartertown? Bunny Boy run Bartertown.

    Anyone who knows anything knows this is Gummo Bridge: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2RoYIjBQBI

  3. Two bloggers enter, one blogger leaves?

  4. During the warm weather months the ramps are used by peoples as a sleep area. I know because I've mistakenly almost ran over a couple as I rode my bike gangsta style down the ramp tryin no to use brakes!

  5. I saw two people having sex on that walkway driving back from the airport. What a way to be welcomed back to Hartford!

  6. It's Hartford. Peace and love, peace and love!