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Monday, March 28, 2011

Cotto Wins Hot In Hartford

Councilman Luis Cotto defeated Colin McEnroe to complete his outstanding run and become champion of "Hot In Hartford."  Cotto's defeat of McEnroe capped an incredible run in which he defeated Scott Haney, Gerry Brooks, and Howard Baldwin on his way to the championship. "Growing up in Hartford the whole neighborhood would follow Hot In Hartford and we always discussed the results over dinner." Cotto reminisced, "to be in the contest was amazing, but to actually win it is hard to fathom."

Meanwhile in the other locker room Colin McEnroe was more subdued. "It was a good run, an epic battle  which came up just short."  McEnroe who was won many accolades and awards for his writing, blogging and radio shows summed up the defeat "Other awards are nice, but Hot In Hartford is like the Masters Green Jacket, the Stanley Cup, the Super Bowl and the Daytona 500 all rolled into one, once you've won that title no one can take it away from you, and until then you're just left wondering what it feels like."  McEnroe vowed he would be back in the tournament next year.

(Ed. Note: Contestants quotes are possibly complete fiction) 

Cotto meanwhile has set his sights on another local championship by entering the Sad City Hartford Fantasy Baseball League where he will compete with Sad City readers along with the Hartford Courant's Steve Goode, WNPR's Chion Wolf J.Mac from the HPSU, Ryan from A CT Law Blogger, Jumper and Hakaan.