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Sunday, March 27, 2011

J. Stan McCauley and the Weird Video Clip

J. Stan McCauley is an interesting guy with a lot going on. He's a man of God, a video producer and mayoral candidate. We found an old video of Stan that adds another accolade to his curriculum vitae...avant garde video star.
Brace yourselves because this is really weird. Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job weird.

As weird as the video is, it does create a good simulation of what it's like to watch Public Access television in Hartford. For years, Stan has been a fixture on Public Access - ominously cutting between a way-too-close head-shot and computer screen grabs of Bible verses.

We went to Stan for comment. He responded with the most level-headed and rational statement possible...that  then somehow pivots into a comment on the upcoming mayoral race.

From J. Stan McCauley:
I do not know the origin of this particular piece but I must say I am extremely flattered. Someone spent a lot of time editing this, pretty good job. As you may know I hosted countless bible study shows over the last 20 years.  The context of this message was the absurdity of some Ministers who preach messages that make absolutely no sense and instead of ministering to the people, they use the people as revenue streams to line their own pockets.  We'll see a lot of that this election season as Ministers cozy up to Mayoral candidates in exchange for city grant money. 

You have to be able to laugh at yourself sometime.
We agree with Stan about that last line. You do have to be able to laugh at yourself.


  1. I like his response. There was a video offered immediately after Pastor Stan's called "A Savior of my own" with video of the streets of Hartford. Could you give me more info please?

  2. Tim: That was a video we shot last summer. Here's the link to the story:


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