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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Glawackus Corpse Found in Hartford

The Glawackus has always been one of the great Connecticut suburban legends. What is a Glawackus? The Glawackus was a mysterious that roamed the Glastonbury countryside attacking livestock, house pets and radio personality Bob Steele. Glawackus-mania swept Connecticut in 1939 and died down after World War II. While a Glawackus was never captured, the beast was described as a fierce combination of a dog, a cat and a bear.

Yesterday, an intrepid Sad City Hartford reader discovered a Glawackus corpse in SoDo. No further information has been provided, but hopefully other Sad City Hartford readers can speculate and spread rumors and this thing can become our fair city's version of the Montauk Monster.


  1. you people have clearly never learned what the glawackus is supposed to be. what's up with you constantly ripping off other sites?

  2. What did they rip off? A Bob Steele joke?

  3. - help - there be rats in my walls - there be rats in my basements there be rats eating my plaster - eating up my wiring - I bang on the walls and they bust through