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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hot In Hartford: Mayor Segarra v. Howard Baldwin

The final battle of the Hot In Hartford quarterfinals is a clash between two of the early round favorites as Howard Baldwin and the Mayor Pedro Segarra square off to see who will advance to the semi-finals. 

The Mayor defeated Al Terzi in the first round, but did not receive as many votes as some of the other favorites. He finds himself squaring off against hockey legend Howard Baldwin, who narrowly won a hard fought first round battle with Hartford Courant columnist Helen Ubinas

Will the Sad City electorate come out and support the Mayor? Can Howard Baldwin continue to ride the wave of nostalgia off the CT Whale and the Hartford Hockey Festival? The winner will advance to meet Councilman Luis Cotto in the semi-finals. Voting ends at 11:59 Thursday night.


  1. So Jo Winch wants to increase the pay for Hartford City Council membership, she believe's that more people would be public service if it paid 20-30k.

    A City Council member who is in it for extra dough, will caven to special interest to protect his Livelyhood.

    Hartford needs people who know how to make money in leadership. Economic growth creates hope. For the last 20 Years hartford leadership could ruin a wet dream.

  2. D. Alfred Roberts....I love you! You're spot on and Hartford is in dire need of leadership unafraid to do what's necessary to get us going in the right direction.

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