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Monday, September 12, 2011

F**** Magnets: How Do They Work?

Friday saw another edition of Liquid Lounge at the Connecticut Science Center in downtown. From attending this event it is pretty clear that these are the proverbial "place to be" when they are happening. The Science Center was packed with a gaggle of people enjoying the exhibits, booze, and food.

Highlights include a great view from the 5th floor of I-91 and the still flooded Connecticut River, a baseball pitching exhibit where we learned that if only we rotated our hips a little more, we too could throw like Aroldis Chapman, and some Hooker Octoberfest. Even local celebrity and Sad City friend WNPR's Chion Wolfe was spotted in attendance.

If the event had any drawbacks it is that it is too popular and at times overcrowded at the drink tables. Also the fact that the stairs were closed between floors three and four meant one had to travel by one of the three elevators. The Liquid Lounge is so popular the elevators were often crowded and had a long line. Nonetheless, Liquid Lounge was a rollicking good time and no doubt the place to be in Hartford on Friday night.

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