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Friday, September 30, 2011

Hartford Pay Phone #35 - Fan Request Edition

At Sad City Hartford our mantra is give the people what they want and the commenter is always right. Following up on our own advice we present Hartford Pay Phone #35 in the Hartford Pay Phone Search at the request of yesterdays commenter, who felt so strongly that they needed a pay phone post they took time to comment on it.

Pay Phone #35 is located at the gas station at the end of the ramp of the Brainard Road exit. At one point in time pay phones located right off highway ramps were magnets for black market activity due to the ease of getting on and off the highway. With cell phones readily available to almost everyone these days we don't know if this is still the case.

If one looks close one can see two Hartford landmarks in the background. On the left under the gaggle of dangling stoplights is the Connecticut Lighting Center. One should visit the Connecticut Lighting Center just for the experience of sensory overload it provides. Literally every inch of the Lighting Center has a light hanging from it. It's almost hard to believe they are able to get that many lights hanging from the ceiling. We always thought it would be about the craziest experience ever if you happened to be in the store the moment power came back on.

On the right you can see the sign for the USS Chowder Pot IV. Despite working for years in the area and being seafood lovers we have never been in the USS Chowder Pot. For whatever reason it just never worked out. It also probably has something to do with the fact that for years they had a sign advertising one of those wedding dinner theater shows. Dinner and a show is fine, just not at the same time. What we have heard about the Chowder Pot is that they have a great happy hour. Probably something we are going to have to check out for ourselves.

Since we so slavishly follow our mantra that the "commenter is always right" we present a bonus with a picture of a mattress we found outside a dumpster on Franklin Ave behind Franklin Giant Grinder. Sad City always delivers for the fans! Thanks for reading and commenting!


  1. If I remember correcetly, Brainard Road Shell had/has a bank of pay phones on the other side of the car wash in which drivers could talk in the comfort and safety of their cars.

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