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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sad City Travels: Brandon, Vermont

Vermont is different. Last time we visited Vermont, we explored some rural blight. Depending on where one goes in the state, it can lead to very different views of Vermont. Some go for the inns, some go to ski, some go to Burlington, some are way up North, some are in the valley. For a sparsely populated state, Vermont has a ton of different viewpoints. One thing rings true though, Vermonters are almost universally a tougher breed than us from Connecticut. The summer storms are just more proof to that point.

Way back this summer when Hurricane Irene pretty much missed Hartford and gave southern Connecticut a big kick, most were surprised to hear that the storm hit Vermont  harder than anywhere else. Not known as  a hurricane hotbed, the landlocked state flooded from the heavy rains and saw incredible damage.

These photos were taken a month after the storm. We can attest that even in November, over two months after Irene, roads and bridges were washed out and life was far from normal. But being Vermont, there wasn't much complaining to be heard. Vermonters just kind of make do.

You can get a lot of different views from a lot of different angles in Vermont. Almost all of them are pleasing to the eye.

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  1. The damage caused by the hurricane looks incredible. Vermont is such a beautiful place, I think they will recover soon. These people are tough.