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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Another Interesting Chart

We have to admit whenever some website has a chart or list of "Best Cities For..." we are always suckers to click through no matter how inane the topic. Usually we end up as disappointed as when we click the Yahoo! News headlines. Seriously, how great do those Yahoo! stories seem and then; click,boom, disappointment? It's almost like they have people constantly manipulating the headlines to come up with a formula that will result in the most clicks.

We really like when a list includes Hartford. Not too long ago our fine little city was rated as the top city for recent graduates to get jobs. While it is true that these days being named the top city for grads to get jobs is a little like being named the top player on the Mets, it's still is nice to be number one.

Last week the Business Insider wrote about a Brookings Institute report that ranked Hartford as having the highest per capita GDP of the world's 200 largest metropolitan areas. Bridgeport, our rough and tough neighbor to the south ranked fifth ahead of sexier cities like New York, Boston, Washington D.C., Stockholm, Seattle, Dublin, Paris, and Los Angeles.

Now we are going to go out on a limb guess that this survey encompassed surrounding towns and didn't measure just within the city limits. If this chart really underscores any point it's that the Northeast, with four cities in the top 11 (five if you want to include D.C.) is crazy expensive.

Of course that makes sense to us, since as children of the Northeast, we adamantly believe that the Northeastern U.S. is pretty much the focal point of everything and the most important place on Earth. Why else do you think they always promo TV shows with Eastern time listed first? Now if only we could just get rid of January, February, and March.

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