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Friday, January 13, 2012

Hot In Hartford: Craig TPS vs. The Russian Lady

The XL Center soundly defeated the Hartford-New Britain Busway in the first "Hot In Hartford 2012" matchup. The second match pits returning Hot In Hartford contestant Craig The Porn Star against returning Hartford bar The Russian Lady in what should be an exciting battle.

Long time Sad City friend Craig (he was like our 52nd fan on Facebook) is the evening dj at legendary Hartford rock station 106.9 WCCC. Craig can be heard Monday through Friday from 7 to midnight, and for over a year and a half  Hakaan and Craig can be heard discussing the latest happenings in Hartford on Wednesday nights during the 9 o'clock hour.  Last year Craig survived the first round of Hartford by winning a brutal Hell In A Cell cage match against new Whale mascot Pucky Ackbar. Will he advance this year?

To advance Craig will have to defeat The Russian Lady, the legendary Hartford bar that closed in 1997 and made its return to downtown this fall. While one generation of Hartford revelers missed out on partying at The Russian Lady, and we tire out in our early 30's,  a new generation is enjoying the famous bars return to downtown while the older generation can visit and reminisce about debaucheries  past.  Those who visit on Fridays can even see Craig dj'ing at the famous downtown bar.

For those who haven't visited the new Russian Lady yet, it has the best decor of any Hartford bar. Filled with dark wood and antiques, the highlight for us is the ground floor bar which is constructed out of 900 year old Chinese doors. Right across the street from the XL Center, it's a great place to stop in for a drink before an event. Worth the trip for the decor alone.

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  1. Ouch, it's looking like Craig is going to be trounced by the old-is-new-again bar.

  2. I'd vote for a kick ass bar over me too. The night I lose, you know where to find me ;) - CRAIG