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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Craig and Pucky Bury The Hatchet

It's a Sad City tale of the highs and lows of celebrity, deceit, jealousy, violence, and redemption.  It seems that after a long and checkered history Craig The Porn Star and Pucky Ackbar have, for the moment, let bygones be bygones and buried the hatchet.

This rivalry started this winter when Pucky was attacked at a CT Whale game.

With Pucky slated to challenge Craig in the upcoming Hot In Hartford contest it was rumored that Craig may have been behind the attack a la Tonya Harding in an attempt to eliminate his opponent.

When Craig was elusive after being confronted with the allegations on the air, a Hot In Hartford Hell In The Cell match was declared between the two local celebs.  While Craig was able to defeat Pucky in the grudge match, he was unable to advance any further in the tournament losing in the second round.

That brings us to today, where we see the photo evidence of the reconciliation of these former two rivals. A story that truly makes the heart sing.  Sad City does it again, bringing people together and joy throughout the land!


  1. touching ;c)
    Do you have an archive of old stories? Your food guy recently did a review of a Park Street restaurant I wanted to re-read.

  2. Tim - if you scroll about halfway down the page there is an archive sorted by month - every story is on there. Thanks!