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Monday, May 2, 2011

Labor Rally In Bushnell Park

Sunday we came upon a large crowd gathered at Bushnell Park. Upon investigation we had stumbled upon a rally of union workers.  It was a pretty large crowd with energetic speakers. While most of the messages seemed pretty reasonable, asking for fair wages, health care, and paid sick time, there was one bizarre part where one speaker started ranting about how we needed to get yet another Kennedy elected to something, somewhere. Call it a generational thing but the fascination over one family is pretty bizarre; hero worship is not the answer to your problems. Plus the Kennedys really seem.....so 1960's.

Video from the rally after the jump.

In this clip viewers can see Susan Bysiewicz, who once joined Sad City as a guest on The Colin McEnroe Show, working the crowd.


  1. I could not agree more. Also Unions are a necessary evil to combat greedy nature of man, but unions are evil! They make men lazy, and I know first hand because I have worked in some and have friends in several unions who agree with me.

  2. Something I thought might be of interest.