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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More Hartford Houses Of Worship

We continue looking at Hartford Houses Of Worship today. We start with what might be our personal favorite, the Russian Orthodox Church located in the South End.  This one is hard to find as it is tucked away in a residential side street and the church itself isn't all that much taller than the houses around it.  Obviously the highlight is the golden domes on top evoking, the Kremlin,  and the Colt Factory. Those about the same age as us will remember when when the USSR was once our greatest rival scaring us with nuclear weapons and giving us other mysterious high-powered weapons like Pavel Bure.

This downtown Synagogue is really, really old.  It is so old it makes Hartford's Wikipedia page. Then again Hartford's Wiki page has a blog section which lists about a dozen blogs, many defunct and most boring, but not Sad City Hartford.  The wisdom of crowds.

Located in the North End at the corner of F.D. Oates Ave and Bethel Drive, the Mt. Calvery Baptist Church has about the flattest face as possible on a building.  The church is also right next to three cemeteries which is nice for pallbearers. Our main teacher, Google, didn't know who F.D. Oates is so maybe some long time Hartford residents could enlighten us and our readers?

This large church can be found on the corner of Main and Buckingham. Most interesting to us are the four large pillars, big clock, ominous clouds, and the extremely ugly van parked out front. It boggles our mind that at one time someone decided that they wanted to make an expensive purchase of the a new car and that was the final decision. Probably the same people who went out and bought a Honda Element.


  1. I'd love to see the inside of the Russian Orthodox church. Beautiful tile mosaics on the exterior.

    As for minivans, if you have three car seats ...

  2. The synagague has a beautiful exterior. It would make an impressive visitors center.

  3. Is that an outhouse in front of the synagogue?