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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hot In Hartford: 1973

WCCC has been a Hartford staple for a long time. When it comes to rock radio in Hartford, WCCC has dominated the scene for years. Recently we stumbled on this most requested hits list on WCCC from May of 1973. It's an interesting little relic, at the time WCCC was billing itself as "Triple C" with the tag line that they "put the fun back into radio."

What was Hot In Hartford May 1973? The Edgar Winter Group edged out someone named P. McCartney for the top spot with "Frankenstein." The list is a mix of names familiar and unfamiliar to those that are just moderate rock fans. While everyone knows their names, we aren't quite sure if Neil Diamond, Elton John, Glen Campbell, and DONNY OSMOND are what today's WCCC listeners are looking to hear.

Billing their jocks as the "wildest guys in town" the on-air roster reads like.....well it reads like a roster of DJ's at a rock station; Rusty Potz, Dick Booth, Boston Bill, Johnny Midnite. All predecessors to our good friend Craig The Porn Star.

Under "Best Discoveries" which we see the name George Harrison, who we have learned apparently played guitar in a band with the number two on the list, P. McCartney. Wonder what became of either of them?

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  1. A little time capsule here. Wow!