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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Feed & File

Benjamin Franklin famously said that nothing in life was certain except for death and taxes.  We all learned early in school that the necessities for survival are food, shelter, and water. Well at Caribe Restaurant on Park Street, you can get four of those five in one stop.  In a depressed economy businesses are getting more and more creative in finding different ways to generate revenue, but a tax preparation restaurant is a new one.

While it isn't clear if the food preparers and servers also double as the tax preparers, this isn't the craziest idea ever.  All the time in movies you see dinner being used as the place to both break bad news and celebrate.  With Caribe's unique dual service, people can learn the results of their taxes while dining on a meal rather than in some boring office.

Who says Hartford isn't cutting edge? Don't laugh, a lot of people once thought the drive-thru restaurant was a crazy idea.

We have yet to visit Caribe, so no review on the food.


  1. I'll take a cheesburger and a tax shelter to go.

    Hold the dependency claim.

  2. The food at Caribe is amazing!!!...definitely recommend this place.

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