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Monday, May 9, 2011

The Enjoy Sprite Sign

When the Hartford Food Guy reviewed Trinity Restaurant last week, we noticed and were enamored with the retro Enjoy Sprite sign outside the restaurant. We weren't the only one who thought the sign was an awesome piece of nostalgia, the Hartford Courant's Steve Goode sent along the following info;

"The Trinity Restaurant was previously known as Timothy’s…and that sign really is from the 1970s when that place first opened."

Pretty Awesome. Sad City might rent the apartments above as offices just so we can try and claim the sign as our own. 


  1. You have to love the carefully non-committal "Restaurant." Not "Timothy's" or anything more specific. Did they get a discount on a sign that didn't have to be personalized?

  2. Going back a long ways, but my recollection was that signs like that were often given by the distributor in return for stocking and selling the advertised product, in this case Sprite.