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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mattress Season Has Arrived

Now that the mountains of snow are finally gone and Spring has arrived that can only mean the arrival of another warm weather staple; the sidewalk mattress colonies.  Rising through the cracks on the sidewalk like dandelions, mattress colonies are one of Hartford's great natural wonders.  This particular colony, a combo mattress-love seat colony was seen on Prospect Ave.

One can't help but wonder what  is protruding from the middle of the mattress stack? The innards of a mattress? The remains of a soiled sheet? A plastic urine sheath?

This mattress finds itself alone on the shoulder of Wethersfield Ave.  Appearing to be the first Wethersfield Ave mattress of the season, one can infer the youth of this mattress by it's careless wander off the relative safety of the sidewalk and onto the street.  While this mattress may be lonely right now, it need not fret, as it will soon be joined by many, many others of its kind.

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