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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hartford's First Petrol Station

On the corner of Buckingham and Hudson, across the street from a shoddily maintained dirt parking lot, sits this rather unassuming building. Nestled in a sea of asphalt parking lots and in shadows of the towers of downtown, the AG building, and the Capitol, this modest little mechanics shop is scarcely noticeable. Many a time we passed by without a second look. Then recently, we learned that this little building was Hartford's first gas station. For all you car lovers or haters out there, this is essentially where it all started in Hartford.

Upon closer inspection, one can clearly see signs of the buildings age. The most obvious being the fancy columns on the edges. Apparently petrol stations were built with a little more grandeur back in the old days. We didn't have the heart to look up what a gallon of gas would run as you putted around town back in the old days.

Farmington Ave is said to have roughly the same amount of potholes then as today.

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