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Monday, June 11, 2012

West Hartford Week: Max Oyster

For a seafood lover, you can't get a better happy hour than Max Oyster on Main Street Farmington Ave in West Hartford. At a "buck a shuck" it's as straightforward a deal as you will find. One dollar per clam and oyster to see how many you can suck down during happy hour. In addition to the shellfish, there's a menu of $2 items that is always rotating and always contains tasty items. As tasty as that might be, the joint is called Max Oyster for a reason. Seriously, suck it up and slurp down some raw shellfish, you can get a fish taco anywhere.


  1. max oyster has a great variety on there menu! But I ate a max burger at nite they had rats crawling in the parking lot area eeeehhhh! One Bathroom stall really!!!!!

  2. Love Max's too...but it's on Farmington Ave, not South Main...

  3. Never had a bad meal here. Also have the best chopped salad around. It is, however, a lighting designer's nightmare.