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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Yankee Ingenuity Alive & Well In Hartford

New Englanders are renowned for their Yankee ingenuity, and the spirit of the settlers remains alive and well in Hartford today. While in Hartford's early days we had Samul Colt, Albert Pope, Howard Baldwin, and Eli Whitney, today we have a jeans companyartist designed bicycles, a burlesque dance troupe, and a brewery figuring out that watermelon makes a good ale, while none of these up and comers have quite "won the west" yet, they could be well on their way.

Today and in the yesteryear, there has never been a lack of good ole' Yankee ingenuity in Hartford.

Today we see a good example of citizen ingenuity in the North End. Unable to get an official sign for Mansfield Street, the residents simply improvised and made a sign of their own. While clearly not a standard issue street sign, one can't help but applaud the clean and neat block lettering fine and the fine even cut on the sign. Certainly a steadier hand than we have on a Sunday morning.

Somebody get that guy a job at DPW!


  1. someone at the city will probably demand it be taken down and want to fine people for doing it.

  2. Which way the whores be at?

  3. Millions in tax dollars- no street signs, horrible roads, and police budget cuts.

    BUUTT Malloy can take his staff out for $2000 in food weekly.

  4. Some ghetto ass hood rat Prolly stole the signs to sell them for crack, it is Hartford after all

  5. Street signs are imperative for emergency personnel. The lack of signs is a public safety issue not one of socioeconomic status.