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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Local Film: The Last Intervention

We got an email from former Hartford resident Giovanny Blanco describing his project The Last Intervention and his Sad City fandom.

Hello, my name is Giovanny Blanco. I hope all is well with ya. I'm a big fan of the site (especially the pay phone pics). As a former resident I can always count on Sad City to give me a fix. I still consider Hartford my hometown even though I haven't lived there since 1996. Yes, there might be something wrong with me. I still go back several times a year. Anyway, I directed a film that we (friends and family) shot in Hartford called "The Last Intervention". Here's the quickie synopsis. 

The rebellious daughter of divorced Dominican parents discovers her family is having an intervention in her honor. It’s not exactly how she planned to spend the weekend.

What? That's how we spend every other weekend!

More proof that all Hartfordites love pay phones. Still you'd think there'd be a scene or two where this lovely young lady was too busy reading Sad City on her iPad to come down to dinner or something.

The movie premieres at The Wadsworth August 30 at 7 PM. Door open at 6. A $5 donation is suggested and there will be a cast and crew Q&A after the showing. Sounds like a great time. 

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  1. Man this looks great! When will it see wider distribution than the Wadsworth Atheneum on one of the most vacated weekends of the year??/!!!

    Get it to the Twain!