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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Craft Fair? Yay!

Sometimes we get pitches from people for stuff that we have absolutely no interest in - especially lazy PR people who do nothing but blind pitching. Other times we get home runs. We have no idea no idea how Daniel Witzniter, pictured on the left, knew we had a burning passion for local crafts and handy goods, but he really hit our sweet spot. The blind pitch email after the jump.

Daniel Witniter is a PR guy at the lazy firm of Himmerlich PR. Based on the look of their web site, we cannot confirm or deny that Himmerlich PR is really a Chinese PR sweatshop staffed by young boys who typically farm gold on World of Warcraft. The other day, Daniel sent us an email about the upcoming Sugarloaf Craft Festival, which will be held during the weekend of November 12 at the CT Expo Center. In the name of ensuring that the Sugarloaf Craft Festival gets the biggest bang for their PR buck, here's Daniel's email with the details. Now if you excuse us, we've got to save up some money to buy a Laughing Coyote kaleidoscope.

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  1. Christmas is coming and a Wooden Obelisk (for a whopping $105.00) is most certainly on my list for the big guy in red! I'll stick them next to my Princess Diana commemorative plates on my mantle.