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Sunday, October 3, 2010

What Ever Happened To TX Critter?

In past postings, we have often speculated about the whereabouts of TX Critter, the lovable puppet host of the Kidstime program on WTXX during the 1980s and early 1990s. And we were not the only ones. Many others have speculated about TX's whereabouts. Sad City Hartford conducted some exhaustive research and the shocking truth will sadden you. Read all about in the latest Sad City Hartford comic after the jump.

BONUS INFO: Did you watch TX Critter on Channel 20? Do you remember Lauren DeLisa, the teenage co-hostess who started appearing alongside TX Critter in the early 1990s? If you were a pre-pubescent boy who was also into G.I. Joe cartoons, she was really the "IT" girl back in the day. In fact, she might have been Sad City Hartford's first crush. A little Googling reveals that she is now the owner of Li Piastra, a store in Cromwell that sells pre-prepared meals. She even makes occasional appearances on Channel 3. Very odd.


  1. Jumper - you found me! Wow! Good work. Last I knew - TX was shoved in a closet. I went down to Miami to host my own show (sans puppet) after that. What a blast! Now, yes, I am doing something else I love. Stop in sometime! Thanks for the quick trip down memory lane...

  2. woah.. i'm a bit late to this party.. but I think I'm in love with Lauren DeLisa all over again. Can we get her back on TV!? TX Critter or not!

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