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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hartford Pay Phone Contest: Pay Phone #26

Hartford Pay Phone #26 is located at the corner of Albany and Magnolia  outside of Ivana's Fashions. Phone #26 appears to have adopted some fashion sense from Ivana's as it is one of the more fashionable phones we have seen. The color scheme of the building, the phone, and the clothes drop box are very fashion forward. Phone #26 is housed in a black box,, more fashionable than the usual silver housing. Finally a splash of graffiti gives the area around #26 a contemporary feel. #26; where all the "in" people make their calls!

Now we all know New York is credited as the fashion center of the U.S. But it's not like the Hartford area is totally deficient.  What are your favorite places for fashion in the Hartford area?

For mens dress clothes one can't do better than Stackpole, Moore and Tryon (which appears to be now also known as Tuesdays)  It is very pricey but worth the (very) occasional splurge. Ladies we have to cop to having no idea where to shop for women's clothes.

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