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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dating in Hartford

Dating is hot topic in cities, suburbs and rural areas around the globe. Hartford is no different. Men and women date. Men and men date. Women and women date. Single people date. Married people date. It seems everyone is dating. So what's going on with dating?

Where can one meet potential dates? Where does one go on a date? How does once act on a date? Good questions all.

We here at Sad City are not in a position to provide these answers. Combined we have been on somewhere between 2 and 3 dates. We were told that Black Bear Saloon was the place to meet people.

Following up on that advice, we attempted to enter the bar where Coach's used to reside. After paying some  cash we walked through the door. Upon entering we were immediately assaulted with a mixture of smoke, flashing lights, and near deafening concussions. People were screaming incoherently. We attempted to gather our senses and staggered back out onto Allyn Street thankful to have survived the mortar attack. We never made it to Black Bear Saloon.

Yet all is not lost. We do know of one thing that may help. A long time ago in a state not too far away we resided in a much lauded city where one could run their life with nothing more than an email address and one simple website; Craigslist. So we thought, why don't we visit the Hartford Craigslist and see what's going on in the dating world?

The "Missed Connections" section seemed promising. Here we have people who are already interested in specific individuals. Kewl. Let's check it out!

(There wasn't one single w4w missed connection. We have no idea what that means)

 bartender - w4m
I came into V's tonight with another man--a friend--and could not help but notice that we could not take our eyes off each other. I was instantly attracted to you and wish I could have stayed to chat. Please know that I immensely enjoyed the drink you made me. If you see this and would like to reconnect, tell me the name of the drink you made me (or at least the color). 

I await to hear from you.

This nice lady seems to have run into the most unfortunate circumstances; while visiting with a friend she has found her Prince Charming yet cannot make an advance. This story doesn't add up to us. We've heard rumors of men and women being friends. From what we've heard this would not preclude this lady from flirting with the bartender.

We have to assume that this "man friend" was really (a) a "friend" she knows is in love with her and has no chance, (b) a pining ex whom she gave into and agreed to meet for an after work drink, or (c) this lady is on a blind date that she is now even more unhappy about.

Any guess on the mystery drink? We're going to go with Rusty Nail.

Mostly because we want to write Rusty Nail.

Lady Gaga, Hartford - w4m
You sat behind me and my friends in section 218. We shared a joint because none of your friends blazed.
At the end, you shook my friends hands, but stroked my hair.
I just wanted to let you know, my hair isn't normally that sweaty. I was hot from dancing.
Thank you for sharing your bounty with us!

You needn't worry about your sweaty hair dear. That's most likely a gay man.

Bar Saturday Night - m4m
Had my eyes on you the whole night, hit me up.

That's it? Really does this dude expect this to work? Or perhaps is this really a very clever approach to the "fishing with a net" technique?

DJ  - m4m
You are the DJ/ Karaoke Host. I always see you with a girl but watch you check out an flirt with several boys. Bi,Curios,Closet I dont care I want to talk to you just don't think you would like me in that way. Even if for one night, I just want to know what you would be like!! You are very Hot and so talented and FUN, I have so Much Fun when you host there!!! Hope to see you tomorrow Night as I missed you last week. If you get this I will be in the RED Shirt, I will Sing Elton John "Your Song" hope you know its me!!!

~~~ :)

Ahh, the perks of show business. We have no idea what that that emoticon means.

To the woman who works in my building with that sexy walk - m4w
We work for the same company in the same place. You are a little older than I and work in a different dept. You allegedly told a friend who told a friend that you were interested. Obviously I cant approach you at work but I thought by chance you might just see this. What kind of interest are we talking?

She probably would have been interested in going out for a drink with you after work on a Thursday. Now she will probably be interested in filing a sexual harassment complaint with HR.

We met though a Usenet group years ago - m4w
We talked for awhile. The met up at a bookstore. We hit it off immediately. On our second meeting, we went back to your apartment. I admit, I didn't appreciate you then. Are you still out there?

Dude? Really? Really? C'mon!!

On a side note, we are gaining self-confidence.

A Minor Medical Emergency - m4w
You interest me, but there is still some sort of wall put up. I'm not sure if this is the standard "both single people still getting to know each other wall" or not but I hope to come up with some sort of situation or activity or solution where some of that can be peeled back. Its almost not even a wall, it just feels like a sort of continuous friend test where we are both open and have some common interests but no real connection has jumped out yet. I can't say I've been myself either- I've almost been too preoccupied with not being my awkward self- but I have a small hunch that things aren't all that different on your side. We had a brief moment- where the situation wasn't entirely planned, a minor medical emergency out in the woods... there was a barely hint of something I can't put my finger on.

Sorry sir. You have long ago entered the friend zone.  If she happens to have seen this slightly awkward ad she is going to go running for the hills.

Do any readers care to guess what in the blue hell was going on in the woods there?

Well there you have it folks. A brief look at dating in Hartford. Though we didn't really provide any answers, you should all feel a little bit encouraged.


  1. Oh my goodness, that Usenet one (and your snark) made me laugh and laugh.

    Dating is a pain in the tuchus.

  2. freaking hilarious. I can't stop laughing!

  3. Too funny! Have mercifully not had to do the awkward kind of dating for years, but remember it painfully well. You nailed it!